Jen Benna Interview

Jen Lululemon shootJen Benna talks to us live from the hospital while she’s currently caring for her sick baby.  We expected to chat with her about balancing family life, but we certainly didn’t expect it to be so real. Yikes.

In this talk, we cover:

  • How she’s bounced back after having her second baby last year.
  • Why she (and Sarah) choose such a gross beer to drink.
  • How to adapt to a full time job family, kids, running, etc.
  • She and husband JB are around the MUT industry constantly. Do they ever burn out?
  • How teams and “new” runners are affecting the sport.
  • Top five clicked-on stories from this week’s Daily News.

Episode Notes:

Jen runs for Hoka One One and Lulu Lemon

She blogs here: A Girls’ Guide to Trail Running

Referenced story: Western States disaster

Referenced story: Getting shot at on a training run

This is her husband’s film company.

Outro Music: Tubthumbing by Chumba Wumba


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