Jeremy Hinshaw – Alaskan Trail Running, Moose, and Funky Hallucinations

Jeremy Hinshaw is a trail runner in Anchorage, Alaska who runs everything from the wild and wacky 3.5 mile Mount Marathon to the Susitna 100 miler in the dead of winter.

Jeremy Hinshaw

We talk about surviving versus enjoying freezing weather and special precautions taken to survive the cold.    He also tells some amazing stories about hallucinations during races that pitted his physical self against his mental self.  

Jeremy Hinshaw
Mt Marathon looking down on Seward, Alaska.

Jeremy retells a few stories about some harrowing encounters with moose, and offers us basic tips on avoiding dangerous wildlife encounters while on the Alaskan trails.

jeremy hinshaw
Family training

Jeremy Hinshaw Episode Notes:

Sponsored by the Sierra Andina Mountain Trail Race in Peru’s Huarascan National Park.  Events are August 11-12 and offer high altitude races where donkeys supply aid stations.  Wow!

Here’s the live news coverage from Mt Marathon.  Imagine if other races had this quality of coverage!

Ben reviewed the  Salomon Men’s Sense Pro Max (affiliate link) at the end of the show and couldn’t say enough great things about it.  Anxious to read more!

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