Jess Mullen – Closing Hard, Hundreds, Daily Diet, and More.

Jess Mullen Interview

Jess Mullen has had quite a streak recently, racking up strong finished and wins at races around the country.  She flew by Sarah in the final stages of Rio Del Lago 100 miler a few years ago, and now she’s on the show to share her secrets!  She’s got a ton of contagious energy and we bounce all over the place in this conversation.

Jess Mullen
Jess Mullen at Red Rocks.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Jess’ incredible closing abilities and what she does to keep her skills honed.
  • Diet and metabolic efficiency.  Jess is a dietician who works with endurance athletes and she shares plenty of advice and tips on keeping the engine running to its fullest potential.
  • CrossFit. Jess used to be a CrossFit instructor (as well as a CPA/Auditor?!?) and shares her insight on how aspects of it can be used to benefit ultramarathons and trail races.
  • What she likes so much about grinding, tough rocky courses.
  • How she’s training specifically for her first time at Western States 100 in June.

Jess Mullen


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Jess Mullen Episode Notes

Here’s Jess’ website.

Here’s the Naked Running Band that Ben reviewed.  The Salomon pack and Icebug shoe reviews are both forthcoming.

Here’s the post by Candice Burt about mitigating fear and danger in the outdoors.

Here’s the site for the bluegrass band that provided the outro music, Colebrook Road.

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