Jesse Barragan

Jesse on his way to 3rd place at Run on the Sly 50K
Jesse on his way to 3rd place at Run on the Sly 50K

Age: 34

How long have you been running? I ran a few track meets in middle school; however, I really started training when I was 14 years old.

How often do you race? I run 2-4 ultra-marathons a year and a few other shorter races (such as 10k’s, half marathons, etc.).

Favorite race? Currently my favorite race is the Way Too Cool 50k.

Favorite trail? That’s a tough question. For running fast I really like the portion of the Western States trail, south of the river (Green gate to Hwy 49). For exploring and site seeing, I’d have to go with the Pacific Coast Trail near Echo Lake.

Favorite shoe? Right now my go to shoe is the New Balance 890v2. I’m on my third pair of these. The shoe is pretty much perfect for me. 9oz’s with an 8mm drop seems to be my sweet spot

Favorite distance? 50k; not only is that my favorite distance, but I seem to be most competitive at it as well.

Preferred terrain? Rolling with some steep climbing. I blow up during road marathons; I hate the repetitive stride of them.

Best performance? If we’re talking about of all time, those would be my high school track 1600m and 3200m P.R.’s. If we are talking about post high school/college, then I would say my second place finish at That Damn Half Marathon or my fifth place finish at the Silver State 50k; both were in 2012.

Bucket list race? TransRockies with my wife Tara, Chuckanut 50K, and someday the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc.

Favorite beer? Sierra Nevada Ovila

If I wasn’t running, I’d be…Playing soccer in an adult league and maybe road biking.

Favorite aid station meal? Probably just the soda.

What do you do in real life? I’m a criminal investigator for the Federal government.

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