Jim Sweeney | Running and Brewing on the Beast Coast

Jim Sweeney runs primary on the technical trails around upstate New York and New England, still loves a good old road marathon, and even ran the fastest hundred miler (13:09) in 2018.  He’s also the Lead Brewer at a brewery you’ve heard me talk a lot about…Athletic Brewing in Connecticut.

It was high time I had Jim on the show to talk about his life (he’s got a degree in forensic psychology, whaaa?), his love of brewing beer, and what races he’s got on the horizon.

Fun talk with a guy sounds like he’s living the dream. I hope you enjoy this episode.

Jim Sweeney
Jim Sweeney on some non-technical trails!


Jim Sweeney Episode Notes

Here’s a link to the Escarpment Trail Run that Jim mentioned. Mighty technical.

And here’s a link to the race I couldn’t remember…Manitou’s Revenge.

And here’s a link to Athletic Brewing. If you need any suggestions, ask away. I’m what they call, I believe, a prolific drinker.  (Here’s my story about when and why I stopped drinking and the role Athletic played.)

Intro and outro music used with permission from David Rosales.

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