Jimi Oostrum | Trail Running in Nepal

I’ve been semi-obsessed with trail running in the Himalayas since my race in India two years ago. I found the trails, the people, the exchange rate, and the culture perfect for getting in some big miles, so I asked an expert to join me on this episode to talk about running in Nepal.

Jimi Oostrum Nepal Trail Running
Jimi Oostrum trail running in Nepal

Jimi is a Dutch runner who works for UNICEF and has lived in Kathmandu for the past decade. During the weekday he works on education campaigns, but with any extra time, you’ll find him exploring the incredible trails around the area and leading running groups.

In this episode, I ask Jimi a ton of questions:

  • How to travel and where to travel.
  • Go solo, use porters, or go deep and fastback the whole thing?
  • How are the prices?
  • Is it safe? How about for solo women?
  • Are there races?
  • Are there running stores?
  • Aren’t there leopards in the area?
  • And what’s with the sherpas?
Jimi Oostrum and Mira Rai
Jimi Oostrum and Mira Rai

Whether you’ve got the travel bug or not, this is a good episode to learn more about the international running scene and the myriad cultures and countries that support our silly sport. If you’ve got extra airline miles and a light fall season at work, this sounds like an incredible place to visit.

Jimi Oostrum at PTL
Trail running in Nepal

Jimi Oostrum Episode Notes

Here’s an excellent site with more info on races in the area.

Follow Mira Rai on Instagram.

Here’s a recap from my run in the Indian Himalayas.

Here’s the Khumbu Kolsch we spoke about.

Probably the coolest sounding musical festival we’ve talked about in eight years: Jazzmandu.

More on the Jire Kursani pepper.

Follow Jimi on Strava here.

Here’s the Kathmandu Running Club on Strava. Will someone please slap a watch on a Sherpa and let us lurk?

I referenced The Snowman Trek movie and the frustration the runners had with local customs.

Episode Sponsor: Himalayan Adventure Labs (HAL)

You heard Jimi talk about the myriad options available for adventurers. If you’re looking for a company that specializes in trail running in Nepal, HAL is for you. They’ve got a mix of western and local guides (here’s one), they keep their groups small, don’t use porters, and have an impeccable reputation. Check them out right this way.

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