Joe Fejes Interview

ATY awardsFifty miles or 100 miles sounds pretty nuts to most people, but what Joe Fejes does takes it to a different level. 329 miles in 72 hours, 124 miles in 24 hours on freakin’ sand, or how about 555 miles in six days?

While we focus on nutrition and fatigue, these guys are concentrating on staying awake enough to be upright on the track.

Joe talks to Ethan and I about preparing for a six day race, directing and organizing the event, what types of people run them (“we all have mental challenges”), and advice for those who are getting into timed events.

Episode Notes:

Co-host: Ethan Veneklasen

Six Days in the Dome website

Race day: Aug 4, 2014

Yiannis Kouros movie Joe was talking about

Outro music: You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive


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