Joe Gray Interview | Sponsorships, Racial Disparities in MUT, Treadmill Training, Food, and More

Joe Gray Interview

Joe Gray.
Joe Gray running mountains.
Joe Gray is a well accomplished, multi-medaled, and openly opinionated guy who’s got a great perspective on this silly sport of ours.  Joe is perhaps the most accomplished and decorated mountain runner in the United States and has the stats to prove it. He won the World Mountain Running Championships in 2016, the world snowshoe running championionship this year, has run on almost 10 straight national teams, seven time USA mountain runner of the year, Skyrunning champion, Olympic qualifier, Mt Washington Road Race winner…the list goes on and on across multiple discipines. You want an ultra stat? How’s a 2:55 for a 50k on the trails in New York?

Joe gray
Team support and a smile from Joe Gray.
In this interview, we cover some training aspects, but really dig into other issues surrounding our sport and Joe’s adventures:

  • Why he doesn’t run more ultramarathon distance events.
  • The beauty of steeplechase.
  • Why MUT runners switch sponsors so often.
  • Racial disparities in our sport.
  • An ode to Bulgarian yogurt and Norwegian conversations.
  • Drugs in the sport and the quickly approaching issue of genetically engineered athletes.
  • Ludefisk.
  • Beer, whiskey, and more.

Outro music: Here is Matt Flaherty’s music page. And here’s his interview with us.

Joe Gray


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