Joe Van De Water

Age: 45

Running since: high school cross country and track (30+ years)

Race: 4-5 ultras per year; 10 races a year including shorter runs, swims and triathlons

Weekly Mileage: 40-50 maintain; 80-90 at peak

Favorite race:  Miwok

Favorite shoe: Train in Hoka; race in Saucony Kinvara

Favorite distance: 100k

Preferred terrain: up hill, single track

Best performance: 3:48 at Way Too Cool 2012

Bucket list race: Wasatch or Hardrock; Ironman Kona

Favorite Beer: Lagunitas Sucks

If I wasn’t running, I’d be: taking up mountain biking – I just love the trails

Favorite aid station meal: hamburger or burrito with beer at the finish; but on the course – chicken soup and ginger ale, easy on the stomach calories, warm at night, and lots of salt

What do you do in real life?  Whatever the 3 girls in my life tell me to do (wife and 2 daughters); between family outings and runs, I can be found working at Intel Corp.

You're awfully quiet back there. Anything to say?