John Andersen and His Run at the Wet and Wild Grindstone 100

John Andersen and His Run at the Wet and Wild Grindstone 100

John Andersen ran his first hundred earlier this year at Bighorn100 in Wyoming and had a blast. He felt great, had fun, ate well, and loved every minute of it.  Well, then he signed up for his local race–the Grindstone 100–and had a different experience.

John Andersen Grindstone
John after Bighorn. All smiles!

Faced with weather caused by Hurricane Matthew, the course was wet, muddy, cold, and miserable, John went out too fast, and bonked harder than he ever had before.  (Un)luckily, Dr. David Horton was there to heckle him the whole time and get him to the finish.  We talk at length about the race, the emotions of hundred milers, and what he’ll do differently next time.

John Andersen Grindstone
John Andersen and friends at Grindstone 100.

We also talk about what it’s like owning a specialty running store, and what types of trends he’s seeing in the industry.  Virginia is a hotbed of trail running, and John paints a picture that makes me want to hop a jet plane and join the crowd immediately.

John Andersen grindstone 100
….and that’s how it ended.

John Andersen Episode Notes

Here’s John’s running store, Crozet Running.

Here’s the Grindstone site.

Here’s the Huma Gel I’d never heard of.

Here’s a link to Matt’s music.


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