Josh Ritter | The 4th Time’s a Charm

Josh Ritter started running ultramarathons in 2012 and in that first year lined up at Hal Koerner’s Pine to Palm 100. He wouldn’t finish the race, taking a DNF around mile 70.

This is an episode that follows Josh’s journey from 2012 through three DNFs on the same course and multiple wild fires, until he eventually earned his buckle just two weeks ago.  What was the magic secret, and what did he do to balance family commitments with his running goals? If you’re someone who’s struggled with cutoffs or persistent, you’ll want to pay attention to this episode.

josh ritter pine to palm
Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter Episode Notes

Josh mentioned Shasta Trail Runs. (NFI for me.)

This is the olive oil place we were talking about.

Outro music by David Rosales.

Josh started Pine to Palm 100 miler three times in five years, each ending with a DNF. This year, he got it right. Please join us on our talk about what went right.

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