Kaci Lickteig and Max King Interviews

Kaci and Max are both coming to Lake Sonoma 50 miler with stout resumes and course experience, but neither have been able to nail down a win on this elusive course.  Will it happen this weekend?


Kaci Lickteig has had a solid year of racing since last year’s 3rd place at Lake Sonoma 50 miler. She’s won Ice Age, placed 6th at Western, then won every race since then, from a road half marathon to Javelina Jundred. Her ability to succeed at different distances and terrain makes her a threat on whichever course she races.

Max King has a had a solid year too, setting a new course record at Ice Age, winning the Warrior Dash World Championships, finishing 4th at his first hundred (at Western States, no less), winning the World 100k Championships, and qualifying for the Olympic Trials with a quick 2:17 marathon during a hot LA Marathon last month.

We talk about:

  • Varied-distance training and racing.
  • So what’s this “Salomon Advance Week” thing all about?
  • Who we should watch up front, according to Max
  • How anemia affects Kaci
  • Beer, and more.

Episode Notes:

Kaci runs for Nike Trail Elite and blogs here.

Max runs for Salomon International and blogs here.

Outro music: 25 Miles by Edwin Starr

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