Kate Elliott Interview | Positive Attitude for Her First Hundred Miler

Kate Elliot won herself an Altra Golden Ticket to the Western States Endurance Run just four months ago.  With her 2nd place finish at Sean O’Brien 100k (her first try at that distance), she suddenly found herself on the registrants list for her first hundred miler on the biggest stage in the world.

Kate Elliot
Kate Elliot

In this interview, we learn about how Kate was in the right place at the right time when Melody Fairchild coached her HS team in Connecticut, then how a move out west (for better weather) and an unfortunate injury drew her closer to the trails.

Now, with just weeks to go, Kate is training her body and her mind to take on other top women at Western States. With coaches Sage and Sandi providing direction and training, she’s in good hands and has an incredibly positive attitude to match her training and competitive drive.

Kate Elliot
Kate Elliot

Kate Elliot Episode Notes

[NOTE: I added chapter marks to the audio file for the first time. Since I don’t listen to podcasts, I’m not really sure if they’re necessary or not. Let me know if you’d like me to add them in the future.]

We talk about:

  • Course knowledge (7:00)
  • Growing up the east coast (11:45)
  • Ankle Injury and surgery, part 1 (15:00)
  • Recovery (17:00)
  • Competitive strategy and visualization (24:30)
  • Diet and nutrition (32:40) Here are the Bobo’s Bars Kate mentioned.
  • Ramping up training for Western States (35:15)
  • Ankle injury, redux (36:30)
  • Balancing competitive drive and recovery (45:00)
  • The Santa Barbara running scene (48:00) Here’s our interview with Kris Brown.
  • Working at Santa Barbara Running Co and what people are buying (49:30)
  • rabbit apparel (51:00…One note of correction/clarification: I said in the interview that “I’ve never received a dime from rabbit”, and while that’s true, I have received comped product from them. I get a ton of gear and have no reason to let it effect my opinion, but I want to be totally transparent.)
  • Fartlek questions (52:30)
  • My reflections on the interview (1:03:00)
  • Gear Reviews with Ben (1:04:15)
Kate Elliot
Kate Elliot and Radar the dog.

Gear Review with Ben

Ben reviewed the COROS Pace and the Garmin 645M. Ben made quite a few references to his love of the Garmin 935. Here’s that review.

Garmin 645M
Garmin 645M









Interested in purchasing either? Please visit your local, independently owned specialty running store. If that’s not possible, please consider using these affiliate links for Amazon. Thanks!

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Outro Music by David Rosales. More music and tour info right this way.

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