Katie Graff Interview | Triple Crown of 200s, Sewing, Cryotherapy, and More!

Katie Graff ran competitively in college, burned out, and took some time off before creeping back into the sport. She ran recreationally for a few years, then, looking for a new challenge, discovered 200 milers and found her niche. This past year, under the coaching of Jason Koop, Katie entered the Triple Crown of 200s and completed them all.

Katie Graff
Katie Graff at a low point around mile 86. Photo courtesy Howie Stern. (http://www.howiestern.com)

In this interview, Sarah Lavender Smith and I ask Katie about

  • Training and preparation
  • Gear
  • Sleep
  • Recovery
  • What she’s looking for in a partner
  • We ask her how she explains to her Physical Therapist that she’s injured, but that she’d really like to finish a few more races this year.
  • She shares stories about hallucinating with cows on the trail.
  • We discuss lesson learned, the mental game, and what she’s got planned for next year.
Katie Graff
Coach Jason Koop, Katie Graff, Shaun deCasas


Katie Graff Episode Notes

Here’s more on the Triple Crown of 200s.

Here’s a piece Sarah wrote about training for stage races that has a lot of similarities to 200 mile training.

Here’s Koop’s site.

Katie is a proud member of Team TROT.

Here are the recovery boots Katie was referring to.

Katie’s works with Back on My Feet to help raise funds that help homeless people use running to get back on their feet

Outro music by AJ LeGrand

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