Katy Gifford and David Li Pre-Lake Sonoma Interviews

One goal with URP is to bring a variety of guests into your ears and to your attention.  Yep, Lake Sonoma 50 is the most competitive, elite-laden race so far this year, but most of the people running are every day runners. Maybe they’re trying to break 11 hours, maybe it’s their first fifty miler.


Katy Gifford has run Lake Sonoma twice, besting her previous time by an hour last year. Wow! How’d she do it, what are her plans for this year, and what’s her strategy when she’s out on the trail.

David Li just started ultras last year and this’ll be his third fifty miler, all building up to his first hundred later this year.  How does he find time to train and what’ll he be thinking about when he’s out on the trail, now that he won’t have me to harass?

Episode Notes:

Here’s the interview with Jay Friedman and a link to Yard Owl Brewery.

The Folsom Lake race I talked about at the end of David’s interview. Alright, so it’s only 68 miles. I thought it was 78. Still looks like a perfect race for me.

Here’s the Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp. Full review coming soon.

Outro music: “Just Like Paradise” by David Lee Roth


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