Kaytlyn Gerbin Interview

Kaytlyn Gerbin nabbed one of the final Golden Tickets to Western States Endurance Run this April with her win at Gorge Waterfalls 100k. Admittedly, I didn’t have her on my top five radar at The Big Dance, so I asked her to come on the show and tell us about her running and life.

kaytlyn gerbin

What I found is a compelling woman who didn’t start running until college, ran her first ultra in 2014 (and didn’t do well at it!) and is living a great life as she combines mountaineering, running, and seemingly every other outdoor pursuit available all while pursuing a Ph.D in biotech and a transition to a “real” job.


So with so much overlap between endurance sports and hard sciences, does she view her time on the trails as an escape, an experiment, or some blend of both? How does she balance time between the two to keep them both interesting?

kaytlyn gerbin
Kaytlyn Gerbin’s Western States crew and pacers


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Kaytlyn Gerbin Episode Notes

Here is Kaytlyn and Ely’s blog about their adventures in the PNW.

Article: Why are so many hard scientists hard-core endurance athletes?

Ben reviewed the TOPO Terraventure, the Hoka One One Speed Instinct 2, and the Altra Timp.

Outro music: Find more of Matt Flaherty’s music right this way.

kaytlyn gerbin
Western States mugshot

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