Keely Henninger Interview

Keely Henninger has had a great year with wins at Chuckanut 50k and Lake Sonoma 50 miler, podiums at other big races, and a monster win at Tussey Mountainback championships. Next up? She’ll toe the line with the fastest ultra trail runners in the country at The North Face Championships 50 miler in Marin County, California.

Keely Henninger on single track

In this interview we talk about her plans and training for TNF, but we also talk about how she got into this silly sport. She didn’t run in high school, instead focusing on team sports… she had a few reasons for doing so that we discuss in this episode.  We also talk about her fears, how they were hindering her performance, and what the catalyst was for getting past that mental block of tough competition. A very good look into the physical as well as psychological aspects of an elite runner.

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We also talk dogs, science, her predictions for TNF, and why her day at Sonoma went so right this year…it’s advice that every single one of us can use.

Intro/outro music by David Rosales.

Elite list for North Face Endurance Championships.

Here’s the paper Keely coauthored regarding vertical Ks.

Keely is coached by David Roche at Team SWAP

Keely Henninger Episode Sponsor: Lake Sonoma 50

Keely Henninger Lake Sonoma

Lake Sonoma and North Face…the two fastest trail 50 milers in the country, and Keely’s already won one of them! 

Race date is April 13th of next year, but the lottery opens on December 1 in just a few weeks. Make sure your name’s in the hat to run a gorgeous course with top competition and a relaxed wine country race vibe. See you there!

Here’s the site with all the info.

Keely Henninger and her dog
Keely Henninger and her dog Jade.

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