Kelly Wolf | From Gymnastics to Massive Vert on the Trails

Kelly Wolf spent much of her childhood thru high school competing as a gymnast.  Fatigued from the pressure and some physiological concerns, she stepped away from that sport and found rock climbing in college.

Kelly Wolf
Kelly Wolf

A bit burned out from climbing, Kelly discovered the trails and hasn’t looked back. She ran her first ultra less than two years ago and has already picked up a sponsor and made her mark by nabbing a 2nd at Speedgoat and wins at both Flagstaff Skyrace and Broken Arrow Skyrace.

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Kelly Wolf

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Life and pressure of a young gymnast and the effects of eating disorders.

  • How snowboarding helped her conquer the wacky conditions she was faced with at Broken Arrow.

  • What she learned about nutrition and fueling by bonking hard.

  • How she started working with Koop and what she’s learned from having some structure.

  • Why the San Juan Range is in fact the best range.

  • Women’s comfort in the MUT scene.

Episode Notes

  • Kelly mentioned Spring Energy as her fuel of choice. (Full disclosure: Spring Energy is one of Kelly’s sponsors.)

  • Interested in the Epson ProSense 307 watch I was talking about at the close? I was a bit off in price (it’s $250, not $250) but for someone like me who struggles with technology, it’s worth it.

  • Here are the top five links from the URP Daily News:

Kelly Wolf


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Kelly Wolf

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