Koozies are back!

Among important things like training, nutrition, and not going out too hard, keeping my drink cold during the race and my beer cold afterwards are pretty high on the list.


For the last two years these have sold out quickly, so I’ve ordered more for this run. Shipping and tax are included with your donation to URP. Same price as last year, two koozies for twelve bucks.

Get yours right here.


This year’s koozie is a bit different. Printed on high quality neoprene instead of foam, one side says FIDDY and the other SINGLE TRACK MIND-I RUN FOR BEER. Catchy, eh?  Regardless of what it says, it’ll keep your bottle (beer, can, or hydration) cool all summer while showing your support for URP. When you’re done, it folds flat to fit in your pocket or drop bag.


Thanks again for all of your support. I appreciate the heck out of it and couldn’t do it without fundraisers like this. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


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