Kurt Schilling Interview

So what does it take to go from an out of shape 10k runner to running your first ultra (a 50 miler no less) two years later?

Kurt explains the planning, dedication, and desire it took to accomplish this goal, which ended up netting him a fifth overall during a race he executed perfectly.  If you’re just getting into this wacky sport–or if you need a bit of inspiration–grab a pencil and tune in.

Here’s Kurt’s blog with an extended race report.

Dances with Dirt ultra series.

[ed note: This is my first podcast without Scotty. He was the tech brain and board op and I’ve got a very, very steep learning curve that I never bothered to trained for. I know some of the levels are a bit funky, but bear with me. It’ll get better. Thanks again for sticking with me.]

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