Kyle Pietari – Leadville Lessons, Strollers, Run Commuting, and Poop Science

Kyle Pietari (Altra/NordicTrack) ran Leadville in 2012 as his first hundred miler and finished in 28th place. Not bad, but since then, he’s been back to finish 2nd two times, has wins and podiums across the country, and ran to a grueling M10 at Western States Endurance Run last year after spraining his ankle at mile seven. 

Kyle’s got a big calendar this year (some big ultramarathons, plus one crazy ambitious goal!) and he explains how he plans to train for everything while balancing a family of three kids, wife, and a busy job as a litigator in Denver.

Drug testing fun! (Check out the color of his sample!)  Photo by Tim Connelly.


“My first hundred miler. Wow. That was the most profound experience I’ve ever had running. It tore me apart down to the very inner depths of my soul.”   -Kyle Pietari


Kyle Pietari


In this interview, we talk about:

  • Why he doesn’t use a coach.
  • What happened to him at WS100 in 2016 and how adapted to the problems.
  • What he thinks needs to be done to stop doping and cheating in our sport.
  • What he did wrong at his first hundred miler, and what he still does wrong.
  • His role in fecal transplant science and the innovation that’s coming out of studying poop.
  • How in the world he manages to listen to/read 40 books each year.
Kyle Pietari
Kyle Pietari on the treadmill with his kids.

Episode Notes

Kyle Pietari
Kyle Pietari at Western States Endurance Run, 2017.



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