Kyle Robidoux | First 100 Miler Follow Up

When we spoke with Kyle Robidoux one week ago, he was preparing for his first hundred miler. 

He’d trained, prepared, planned, and analyzed, put together a team of crew, pacers, and sighted trail guides, and was of to Vermont 100 to execute his strategy.

kyle robidoux
Kyle with sighted trail guides Maggie Guterl (l) and Amy Rusiecki (r).

In this interview, we find out how it went! Was his training adequate? How did his trail guides work out? What would he have done differently in the race? What did he think of the course?  There are a few pieces of great advice in this interview that any ultrarunner can take away and use at their next race.

kyle robidoux


Kyle Robidoux – First 100 Miler Episode Notes

Here’s our original interview with Kyle.

Here’s the site to Vermont 100.

Here’s Kyle blog. Not sure if he’ll write a race report.

Outro music by Matt Flaherty. Check it out here.

Kyle Robidoux


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