La Fin du Monde (Belgian Tripel)

I’ve seen this beer on the shelves, but never really gave it much thought, but since the market was selling bombers for $4, I picked up a few.  Brewed by Unibroue in Quebec, La Fin du Monde is a very “Belgian-y” beer.


I poured mine into a tulip expecting a monster head and though it poured big, the head died quickly. Very, very aromatic…spicy, banana, floral, tons of yeast, and something solvent-like about it, too.  If you’ve never smelled a strong Belgian Tripel before, this was be a good example of “spicy and fruity.”


It’s so fruity and flavorful it’s almost syrupy, though the mouthfeel is still pretty light. The banana overpowers most other flavors, but the alcohol (9%ABV) comes through at the end.  Again, tons of spicy, sugar, malt, floral tones, yeast, and fruit.  This is reminiscent of a Hoegaarden, as it seems women would like this a lot.


Definitely a drinkable beer, but a bit too girly for my taste.


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