Lagunitas Little Sumpin’

IMG_1855I hesitate to call this an American Pale, as it tastes much more like a Strong American Ale to me. Whatever the heck you call it, it’s delicious.  Definitely one of those beers that would turn a Bud drinker away from the waxy cardboard case forever.  Expect to pay about $9 for a six pack.


It pours a beautiful dark honey with a nice thick head that leaves decent lacing.   Get ready for the aromas!


Smell-wise, it’s floral and sweet and hoppy. Very strong scents are followed by an equally aggressive though balanced taste. You’ll find the aforementioned sweetness and hops and tropical fruit, but again, they balanced it all–something that’s missing in many microbrews right now.  Strong mouth feel, decent carbonation, this beer fills your mouth with flavors and leaves you tying identify them all.


Little Sumpin is a great session beer (albeit it at 7.5%ABV), also makes a fantastic pairing beer with chicken, Mexican food, and as I had last night, homemade citrus carnitas.  Because of the carbonation and aromas, don’t even think of drinking this out of the bottle.  This beer needs room to breathe.


Highly recommended!



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