Lagunitas Lucky 13 Big Red Ale

glass bottleAppearance

Nice crystal clear red amber color with an off-white head on top. Decent retention.


Big, clean, citrus malts and hops.  Pineapple, floral scents, and herbs.  Spicy and grainy, this is a great smelling brew.


Taste follows the nose with the addition of roasted malts.  Pineapple and citrus malts and hops are very well balanced.  Very refreshing for such a big ale. Somewhat sweet. Quite complex.  Finishes with surprising piney hops.


Lucky 13 is brewed by Lagunitas Brewery in Sonoma County, California.  Considered an American Red Ale, I might call it an Imperial Red because of its depth.  I picked up my 22oz bottle at the grocery store for $5.  Alcohol is 8.9% and a moderate 77 IBUs.


Once again, the folks at Lagunitas did it right.  This could easily be a $15 bottle of beer, but I paid $5 for it. Score!  Well balanced, refreshing, and complex, this is an excellent bottle for the summer that I see myself going back to many times.


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