Lake Sonoma Preview: Jared Hazen and Ashley Erba Interview

The Teenagers

Jared and Ashley are both 19, both live in Colorado, and both are extremely fast.  Jared’s got a solid resume of ultramarathons behind him, and even though Ashley’s only been at this since last year, she’ll be running as a contender for the podium.



Ethan and I spoke with Jared first, followed by Ashley. In the talk, we discuss:

  • “Dropping down” to 100 miles per week.
  • What’s it like being raised by two ultrarunning parents?
  • Why aren’t you at Spring Break right now?
  • What kind of race strategies we’ll see on Saturday.
  • Ethan and I discuss Sarah’s recent piece about mandatory gear in ultras.

Episode Notes:

Outro music: Incinerate by Sonic Youth

Ashley runs for Altra, V-Fuel, and Simple Hydration, Jared is unattached.

Sarah’s piece in Trailrunner Magazine about mandatory gear requirements.


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