Larisa Dannis Interview

A fun attitude helps, too!
A fun attitude helps, too!

Larisa Dannis Interview

Curious about heart rate monitors and the Maffetone Method? So was I!

Ethan and I sat down with Larisa Dannis (2nd female at WS100 ’14) to learn how she uses her HRM, how she’s training for the marathon, 50k, 100k, and 100 mile simultaneously, what type of recovery she got needed after Western and her overall outlook on running and racing.

With the female side of elites not as deep as the mens, Larisa’s got an opportunity to make a huge mark next year. I’ve said it before…If Larisa were an IPO, I’d buy big.


Episode Notes:

Episode sponsored by Territory Run Company. Check em out!

Larisa runs for Altra

Her blog is hereIMG_7249

Here’s her post-WS interview with iRunFar

More on the Maffetone Method here

Outro music: Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus


Do you use a HRM? How often?

What brand do you use?

What advice do you have? Does Maffetone work for you?


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