Lee Conner Interview | How She Trains for Mountain Ultras Without Any Mountains

Lee Conner has been stacking up finishes, podiums, and wins at trail ultramarathons across the country for a number of years. In the past 18 months, Lee has run HURT 100 (5th female), Orcas Island 100, Miwok 100k, Bighorn 100 (2nd female), UTMB, Chatanooga 100 (win), the Georgia Death Race (3rd female), then this past weekend she took the win at Cruel Jewel 100 miler. That’s just a sampling…there are another 10 races not listed.

Lee Conner
Lee Conner at mile 80 of Cruel Jewel. Pic by Dumass Events.

In this interview, we talk about how she trains for mountain races while living in Cleveland Ohio, she offers her experience and advice about stomach acids and NSAIDs, and we get into a good discussion about the mental aspect of overcoming dark spaces and bonks, and what she tells herself to keep moving forward.  

You want to trash your legs the day before your long run. Just ruin them. And then, learn how to manage your tired legs because in your race your running form changes.

Lee’s athletic history includes a number of sports not commonly found in ultrarunners (hint: they involve combat), and she compares those skillsets to the skills that make a successful runner.

Lee Conner
Lee Conner at finish of Cruel Jewel 100

Episode Highlights:

6:50 Training for technical terrain in the snow.

9:40 Specifics of short hill training.

16:10 Importance of resting during intervals and why you’re probably doing it wrong

18:55 Trail intervals

21:16 Stomach acid and throwing up bloody coffee grounds.

24:00 NSAIDs and why Lee doesn’t use them.

26:40 Other sports she’s been involved in.

31:10: One and done and no regrets.

33:10 Keeping a positive attitude during a bonk.

35:10 “Trail shoes are nonsense and unnecessary.”

38:15 Lee Conners’ credentials and education.

42:50 Advice for Western States Endurance Run entrants

44:17 100 mile pacing and why you need to yell at yourself

50:18 Gear talk with Lee Conner. What does she wear?

57:40 Fartlek questions

1:05:28 Top five stories from the URP Daily News

1:09:40 Patreon gifts

Lee Conner
Lee Conner

Lee Conner Episode Notes

Here’s the site for Cruel Jewel 100.

Here’s the site for Carson Shoes.

Here’s the Sugarstride podcast we talked about.

Intro/outro music by David Rosales. I interviewed David at the end of this podcast with Scotty Mills.

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