Lindsay Tollefson and Jim Walmsley pre Lake Sonoma Interviews

Ooooeeee! This is going to be a fun weekend at Lake Sonoma!  Both Lindsay and Jim have limited trail racing experience, but each are ready to shake up the front of the pack.

Pic Lindsay Jim

Lindsay Tollefsen is running her first fifty miler–only her second ultra–and has confidence from Way Too Cool and her recent win at the technical Knickerbocker Canyon 35k.  Her training regimen, lessons learned from Way Too Cool, 2:41 marathon, and advice from husband Tim are sure to be key factors.

Jim Walmsley won his first attempt at a fifty miler last year (at JFK, no less), then finished just three minutes behind Rob Krar at Moab Red Hot 55k in February. Jim tells me he’s in better shape than last year and can out-kick the rest of the field if it comes close in the final few miles. Yowza!

Episode Notes:

Lindsay runs for Nike Trail Elite

Jim runs unattached

Outro music: Don’t Mess Around with Jim, by Jim Croce


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