Liz Canty | Rugby, Trail Running, and Barkley Dreams

Liz Canty won the Barkley Fall Classic last year, won Pinhoti 100,  and just last month, podium at Bear 100. Look through her results list and you’ll see an overall trend towards difficult and challenging events that test the will of the runner.

So hearing that she grew up in the North East kickboxing, wrestling, and playing rugby through college didn’t really come as much of a surprise. Liz likes to push herself outside of her comfort zone and explore her limits while also focusing on long term goals like Barkley.

In this interview, we talk about:

  • Her vegetarian lifestyle and how her family dealt with it.
  • Her growing collection of tattoos and her love for Standard Poodles. 
  • Her childhood playing “boy sports” and how that transitioned to MUT running.
  • The impact that a dedicated and positive coach has had on her performances.
  • How long term planning for a race like Barkley is the way to go.
Liz Canty crushing a bean burrito.

Liz Canty Episode Notes

Here’s Liz’s ultrasignup page.

Liz is coached by and runs with Team SWAP.

Here’s Liz’s Instagram page.

Liz Canty and husband Luke
Liz and Luke Canty

Here’s Liz and Luke’s website with coaching info and product reviews. (A sports bra phone holder? Never knew it existed!)

Here’s our interview with Bev and Alan Abbs after their Barkley adventure in 2012.

Don’t forget to signup for the Lake Sonoma lottery!

Here’s a Trail Runner Magazine article about Liz from this summer.

I mentioned Ailsa Macdonald as one of the toughest female runners out there. Here’s our interview with her from last year.

Liz runs for rabbit Elite Trail Team. I’m a big fan of their stuff too!

If you’d like to help guide VI/blind runners, check out United in Stride. It’ll match you up with a local runner and provide best practices for guiding.

Intro and outro music by David Rosales.

Liz Canty has been tearing up the trails around Huntsville Alabama after transitioning from rugby a few years ago. We have a fun talk about Barkley, tattoos, Homer Simpson, vegetarians, and more.
Liz Canty at Barkley, 2017.

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