Loomis Basin Jacked Again

IMG_1942Not a beer I’d normally grab on my own, but Scotty bought me this bottle a couple of days ago, and I’m glad he did.  The Jacked Again is a seemingly traditional porter that’s been aged in what else? Jack Daniels whiskey barrels!   This beer is brewed by the fine folks at Loomis Basin Brewery near Auburn, California.


The 220z bottle pours a very dark red with a nice light head and a bit of lacing.  I expected a strong alcohol smell from the 8.8%ABV and whiskey, but instead the normal porter aromas of chocolate and malts were what I noticed.


On first drink, the whiskey bite is there, but it’s not obnoxious.  More of a finish taste than up front, it’s a new flavor to me and I liked it a lot.  The bite dissipated some, and halfway through the bottle it wasn’t as obvious.  The roasted malts, deep chocolate/cola flavors, and whiskey were the only recognizable flavors, making this a very simple beer…not at all what I expected, but very good!


All in all, a very nice sipping beer for a cold night and highly recommended.


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