Mae Barker and Zach Hanna and How to Run 100 Miler Together

Mae Barker and Zach Hanna are a couple from Florida who’ve been running together for a few years while also busy at home with two kids and demanding jobs. Let’s hear from a couple who train on flat roads but race on mountain trails.

Mae, Zach, and their two kids.

I wanted to interview them for URP to have them explain how they managed to run Rio Del Lago 100 miler together–from the start, every step of the way–and end the race while still happily married.  Did they plan on running together or did it happen along the trail? What are the benefits and drawbacks of staying side by side for 24 hours, and would they do it again?

Mae and Zach after Rio Del Lago 100. Pic by me.

We also hear about:

  • How hats and other little incentives can help performance.
  • What to do when you’re signed up for a race but a hurricane is bearing down on your house? (Answer: Find childcare and go to the race.)
  • Running with your coach.
  • Great advice about handling negativity while running with someone.
  • Fidget spinners and kids.
  • Mae’s awesome idea in the fartlek round of the interview about running camps.  Seriously, someone needs to make this happen. You’ll have to listen to hear it all.
Mae and Zach in Telluride, 2017.

Episode Notes

Here’s more info on the Fort Clinch 50/100…sounds like Caleb might be getting a new co-RD?

Here’s more on the Rebecca Mountain 50 Miler.

Outro music by AJ LeGrand.

Here’s more on Sarah’s coaching.

Here’s the John Kelly (Barkley) episode they referenced while discussing negativity.

Mae and Zach can be found at Intuition Brewery and Bold City Brewery in Jacksonville, Florida.

Zach, Mae (and her giant buckle), and me!

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