Magdalena Boulet Interview

Magdalena Boulet Interview

Magdalena Boulet
Magdalena Boulet at 2016 North Face Endurance Challenge. Pic by Sarah Lavender Smith.

We had Magdalena Boulet on the show two years ago when she was just one year into her ultra career.  Fast forward, and she’s got a healthy resume of wins and wisdom under her fedora.

Sarah and I chat with Magda about how she stays positive on the trails, how she mixes up her training to focus on different distances, and how she balances the training alongside her roles as a mother, wife, and executive at GU Energy Labs.

We also hear what her calendar for 2017 is looking like, and where she’ll be focusing her energies. 

magdalena boulet
That’s Magda coming thru Foresthill in her straw hat, en route to victory.

And come on, you can’t have the VP of Product Development at GU Energy Labs on the show and NOT ask about new flavors coming out, right? We talk calories, texture, flavors, and more, then Magda disappoints Eric with her beer choice.

Magdalena Boulet Episode Notes

magdalena boulet interview


Episode Sponsored by the Broken Arrow Sky Race.

Here’s our interview with Magda from two years ago. 

Here’s a link to Sharman Ultra Endurance Coaching

Here’s a link to the awesome straw hat we talked about.  Only comes in s/m and I’m an XL…maybe I’ll make my own URP version.

Here’s Sarah’s site where you can find her blog posts and article.

Here’s a link to the outro music.   It’s led by Victor Ballesteros (URP interview right here) who also owns Victory Sportdesign.


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