Maggie Guterl Interview

Maggie Guterl – Ultrarunner

Two years ago, Maggie Guterl was a solid mid packer with a few marathons and ultramarathons behind her. Then something snapped. She got a coach, became laser-focused, and represented the US overseas.  Currently, she’s aiming for a Golden Ticket to Western States and winning races.

Maggie Guteri and friends
Maggie Guterl and friends

So what happened? How’d she go from average to great? Sarah and I dig into her life a bit to track her ascension in the ultra ranks and find out what makes her tick.

Maggie has a mindset and a drive that’s propelling her to greatness, as well as a creative bent that allows her to finance her trips in a creative way.  We really enjoyed talking with Maggie Guterl…now enjoy the show.

Connie Gardner and Maggie Guteri
Connie Gardner and Maggie Guterl

Episode Notes:

Here’s Maggie Guterl’s website.

Here’s the Bill Burr Philadelphia rant I referenced. It’s horribly NSFW, so be warned.

Here’s the Polar Seltzer Maggie was talking about. (NFI)

Here’s her coach Michele Yates’ site. (NFI)

Here’s Sarah’s weakness. (NFI)

Here’s the natural anti-chafe stick I was talking about. (NFI)

Here’s the site for Mendocino Ultra.

Here’s Matt Flaherty’s site. No music on it, but maybe you could bug him a bit to release more!

Maggie Guteri representing US.
Maggie Guterl representing US.


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