Matt B. Davis “OCR” Interview

Matt, mid race.

I’ve heard a lot about obstacle course races (and Facebook insists I “like” all of them), but I was unable to tell the difference between the different events.  Tough Mudder? Spartan? Huh?  How long are they? Are there long lines? Aren’t they basically cross-fitters in the mud, or are they MUT’s strange younger cousin?

I asked Matt B Davis, publisher of ObstacleRacingMedia on the show to set me straight, dispel some myths, and talk about his recent attempt at a hundred miler.  My guest host Chloe and I learned a lot about the events, and Matt learned what kind of training is necessary for a hundred miler.

I also got a good race report from Chloe on what happens when you start puking half way through a fifty miler.

Warning: There are a few (four, I think) colorful words used in this episode.

Interview notes:

That's Chloe on the left with her mom Elke.
That’s Chloe on the left with her mom Elke, at the race in which she puked the whole time.

Matt’s site: Obstacle Racing Media

Matt’s book (on preorder):  Down and Dirty

Guest host: Chloe Romero

The race Chloe was talking about

Outro music: Jump Around by House of Pain

Episode sponsor: The Runner’s Tea

Note: I spilled beer on my mixing board and Matt’s channel comes out weak. I’m still learning…sorry about that.

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