Matt Daniels | Taking a Sub 4 Mile to the Big Dance

Matt Daniels will be the first sub 4 minute miler to line up for Western States Endurance Run this June.

In his first 100k last weekend, Matt won a Golden Ticket by leading from early on in the race and he’s ready to bite off even more this summer. With leg speed, World Mountain Running Championship credentials, and a true love of the sport, I had to find out more about this guy.

Matt Daniels flag
Matt Daniels

In this interview we talk about how he’s transitioned from tracks and roads to trails and from shorter trail races to longer ultramarathons, but also about how he’s gone from someone apprehensive about performing to someone who savors tough competition.

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Next up for Matt is Lake Sonoma, where he’ll line up against a veritable who’s who of speedy trail guys. What are his plans there and what type of team is he putting together for Western States? This should be fun to watch.

Matt Daniels and unidentified runner.

Matt Daniels Episode Notes:

Here’s Matt’s coaching site.

Here’s Matt’s interview from Ginger Runner Live on Monday night.

Another good (written) interview with Matt from 2017.

Follow Matt: Instagram | Twitter | Strava

And follow Matt’s wife Lauren on Instagram right here.

Here’s more on Unived.

Here’s David and Megan Roche’s coaching site.

More on Matt Flaherty’s campaign: Here and here.

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