Matt Fitzgerald “How Bad Do You Want It?” Interview

Matt Fitzgerald Interview

Sarah and I chat with author and nutritionist Matt Fitzgerald about his latest book How Bad Do You Want It: Mastering the Psychology of Mind over Muscle. (Velo Press)

Matt Fitzgerald How Bad Do You Want It?

Fitness, nutrition, crew, and gear are all important to ultramarathon success, but where is psychology? Recent studies indicate that the mind controls the muscles more than we’d previously thought, so shouldn’t mental strength be paramount in ultra preparation?

Do we slow down because our muscles get tired, or do we slow down  because our minds think our muscles are tired?  These are the types of questions wrestled with in How Bad Do You Want It?

For a quick review of the book, be sure to check out Sarah’s review here, then have a listen as we learn about the importance of mental preparation and how we can train ourselves to toughness.

We also talk with Matt about his own preparation for his first ultramarathon and what he expects will happen along the journey.

Matt Fitzgerald How Bad Do You Want It?
Author Matt Fitzgerald


Episode Notes:

Episode sponsored by Grand Circle Trail Fest.

Buy Matt’s book here on this affiliate link from Amazon.

Here’s Matt’s website, and you can follow him here on twitter.

And here’s Bill Burr’s Philadelphia rant I referenced. It’s hard to describe how inappropriate the language is, but when you consider it’s a rant against an entire city all off the top of his head, it’s pretty darn impressive too.  Backstory: The crowd bood the previous comic, and Bill wasn’t amused, so he spent his 15 minute set berating all of Philadelphia.

Here’s Matt’s first interview on URP for his book Racing Weight.  Don, Scott, Scotty, and I all together. Wow!

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How Bad Do You Want It? author Matt Fitzgerald
How Bad Do You Want It? author Matt Fitzgerald


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