Matt Flaherty Interview

Matt Flaherty Interview

Brewing with Senseman
Matt (l) and friend Brian Senseman brewing beer in the kitchen.

Matt’s got a wicked ‘stache, brews beer, plays the guitar, and has got some screaming fast times on his feet.  I was curious to learn more about this guy who quit his attorney gig in his quest to break 5 hrs in the 50 milers.

His goal in the 100k championships next month is somewhere around a 6:19 min/mile pace, he ran TNF Championships as his first ultra and blew up at mile 28, and he prefers races and distances that he can adequately train for. In short, we had a lot to talk about, and somehow we managed to squeeze in some beer geek chatter as well.

Episode Notes:

Here’s Matt’s website with coaching info.  And here’s the interview with Tyler Sigi Matt was talking about.

Matt runs for Salomon and uGo bars (and they’re delicious.)

Matt’s spread in iRunFar from earlier this year.

Matt’s favorite umbrella.

The book Matt recommended: Anatomy for Runners

Matt tweets here.

Outro music: No Holding Back by Matt Flaherty.

Running towards Las Torres "The Towers" in Patagonia
Running towards Las Torres “The Towers” in Patagonia



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