Meredith Edwards Interview – Skimo, Trail Running, and Massive Amounts of Vert

Meredith Edwards: Mulit-discliplined Mountain Endurance Athlete

Meredith Edwards joins Ethan and I to talk about her childhood spent skiing, her teenage years playing field hockey, her collegiate years running track, and how that all combined to make her a member of the La Sportive Ultrarunning Team and the US Ski Mountaineering Team.

Meredith Edwards

In this interview, we talk about her childhood, the time she fell out of love with running, her first trail race, the time she fell ill with mono (and took up ice climbing), her approach to UTMB, what she thinks of strength training, and what’s on her calendar for next year.


Strap yourself in folks.  Meredith is a ball of energy and you better pay attention to keep up!

meredith edwards

Meredith Edwards Episode Notes:

Follow Meredith on Instagram here. Seriously, do it.

Here’s Broken Arrow Skyrace that she’ll be racing next year.

This is jai alai.  (I haven’t played it either.)

Outro music by Matt Flaherty. Find it here.


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