Meredith June Edwards | She’s back and stronger than ever.

If you heard our last episode with Meredith Edwards, you know that she lives for the mountains. Whether it’s running, scrambling or skiing, Meredith travels the world looking for the biggest peaks and races and takes them all hard.

Meredith Edwards
Meredith Edwards on the trails

So naturally it was a surprise to many when she laid low from the competitive circuit last year while she was fighting an energy, iron, and GI issue that threatened to derail her career, livelihood, and main source of joy.

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Just getting ready and training for the zombie apocalypse. All you have to do is not give up. This is me finishing and winning the @montreuxtrailfestival 35k. 2 weeks prior I had just raced @eigerultratrail 100k which is a burly mountain course. Which seems to be theme in Europe because @montreuxtrailfestival was no different even for a short race. I was in 4th place most of the day till the final descent The last downhill was around 4000 ft and I just said screw it let’s see what I got. Well I found out. With 5k to go I fell and split my eyebrow open. Best scar of my life and good reminder you are always stronger than you think. Only 27 days left of #quarantine #ihope #letsgetthroughthis #coronavirus #happyweekend #zerolimits #altrarunning #springenergy #natureup #bestracephotoever #finishphoto #savage #bleedforspeed PC @outdoorandnews

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In this episode, we learn about her symptoms, her multiple diagnoses from physicians, and ultimately, what finally worked for her. We also talk about the race where she nearly busted her orbital socket, her secret desire to run more track events, kombucha, the Covid shutdown, and more.

Meredith Edwards and Jason Schlarb running around the world

Gear chat with Ben

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Meredith Edwards Episode Notes

Here’s the Ultra Virus 12 hour race I’m doing this weekend.

Here’s more on =Access, the product Mere used to help her absorb iron and feel better.

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