Michael Carson | Mental Strength and Physical Training

Michael Carson lives and works in Phoenix Arizona and trains on flat canal paths, treadmills, and an indoor spin bike. Two weeks ago he took this training to the notoriously tough Mogollan Monster 100 miler and came away with a podium win. So how’d he do it?

I asked Michael to join me on the show because of an Instagram post he shared where he stated that he really focused on mental training and mental strength to make up for the lack of hill training, and we discuss that at length. What can the rest of us do to channel this strength when our legs and hips are telling us “no!”

Michael Carson at Leadville

Michael Carson Episode Topics

  • Running in India.
  • The importance of music while running and racing.
  • Trail running scene in Phoenix.
  • His role in Mountain Outhouse and the role of media in the growth of MUT running.
  • Drones and new technology.
  • What are the trends we’re seeing in the sport and where are we headed.
From left, I see Derrick Lytle, Amanda Basham…

Michael Carson Episode Notes

Here’s Michael’s website, and you can also find him on Instagram.

Here’s the downhill Mt. Lemmon marathon we were discussing.

This Michael Carson episode was sponsored by XOSkin. Check out their line of compression bottoms and socks that are all designed and manufactured in the US and worn thoughout the world on some of the toughest trails. in our sport. Use URP for 20% off your order.

Michael is the (former?) editor for the popular Mountain Outhouse News.

Mt. Marathon coverage.

Here’s the Brooks Caldera 3 that Michael wore at MM100.

Intro/outro music used with permission from David Rosales.

Michael Carson shooting live at Black Canyon.

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