Michael Ortiz | A 100 Miler Each Week for a Year

Inspired and motivated by his late brother, Michael Ortiz set off on an audacious goal last year…run a hundred miler each weekend for a year. Could it be done? Could he handle not just the running, but the logistics and travel of such a big project?

Michael Ortiz

Now throw in a big job in New York’s financial district and you’ll begin to understand the complexity of what Michael Ortiz is doing…He’s run 48 hundreds since November, each requiring travel, accommodations, gear, course knowledge, at a cost of around $1k each. Throw in the daily stresses of life and his requirement that he’s back in his office every Monday morning, and it starts giving me anxiety.

Michael Ortiz Episode Notes

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Here’s our interview with Walt Handloser…he’s trying to complete fifty hundred milers in 2019.

Intro music by David Rosales. Outro music by AJ LeGrand.

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