Pacing Kaci | The Miguel Ordorica Interview

Not many people have had the opportunity–and responsibility–of pacing one of the best ultrarunners in the world. Miguel Ordorica has paced Kaci Lickteig for the past five years, he’s trained with her nearly every day, he’s crewed for her, and in this interview, we get a look at how the Pixie Ninja (a term he coined) does what she does.

Miguel Ordorica and Kaci Lickteig
Miguel Ordorica and Kaci Lickteig
  • First we get to learn a bit more about his running. What brought him to this point in his life and how did he meet Kaci?
  • Does his significant other have anything to say about him spending an inordinate amount of time with a younger (and single) woman?
  • What makes his and Kaci’s relationship so important—and so effective?
  • To what does Miguel attribute Kaci’s success?
  • What advice does he have for other pacers?
  • What’s the worst he’s seen her bonk and what did he do to pull her her back into the race?
  • What kind of music does the Pixie Ninja listen to? (Big surprise on that later in the interview!)…and what type of music does he listen to?
  • What’s harder for a pacer? Dealing with physical breakdown or a mental bonk?

It’s fine to tell people they can drop in places where they can not drop.

–Miguel Ordorica

Miguel Ordorica and Kaci Lickteig
Kaci Lickteig and Miguel Ordorica

Miguel Ordorica Episode Notes

I referenced this interview with Kaci from post-WS 2017. Definitely check it out. She’s got an incredible story of redemption with Stephanie Case.

Pixie Ninja, the Norwegian prog rock band.

I mentioned this race but butchered the name: Booneville Backroads Ultra.

Follow Miguel on Twitter here.

Be sure to watch this video of Kaci with fellow (former) Altra teammates Amanda Basham and Meredith Edwards where the three women discuss mental health and disordered eating issues.

Intro music: David Rosales Outro music: AJ LeGrand.

Miguel Ordorica has paced Kaci Lickteig to most of her wins. What's he learned and what insight can he offer into what makes her so...dang...good.
Miguel Ordorica running his own race.

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