Mike “The Fruitarian” Arnstein 2015

michael arnsteinSince we spoke with Mike Arnstein last (in 2012!), he’s ran a Badwater/Vermont double, a handful of 2:3x marathons, ran a sub 13 hour 100 miler, retired from ultrarunning, moved to Hawaii, and most recently…won HURT. Wait, what?

Mike is one of our most downloaded and asked about guests, and he brings his infectious energy again as we talk about frying his legs with an electronic stimulator while eating bananas, wearing weights on his ankles, his decision to sell everything and move to the islands, zipping around Oahu on a scooter picking fruit, and of course, his insane tale of running HURT this month on some very short–but very intense training that almost got him killed.  Giddyup!

Episode Notes

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Here’s the Salomon contest..only open to URP listeners.

Mike’s first interview with us.

Oz Pearlman’s interview with us.

HIs awesome video from the sub-13 100 miler.

Mike’s website. Tons of info here.

Outro music: Little Grass Shack by the Polynesians


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