Mike Wardian and His Latest Challenge

Mike Wardian’s 7/7/7 Marathon Interview

Mike Wardian has been on the show before and he’s always one of my favorite guests.  This latest show is no exception as he fills us in with the details of his latest adventure, talks about the logistics of getting sponsors to support him, how he recovers, and what an appropriate name for the Barkley/Hardrock/UTMB slam would be.

Mike Wardian

Mike’s latest challenge has him running seven marathons in seven days on seven different continents.  Aside from the running–that’s a 189 mile week–the details and logistics of travel, gear, and nutrition are daunting!  Mike lays it all out for us.

We talk about sponsors and how in the heck he has so many. Who does he call? What does he do to provide value to them?  What makes a good fit? And wait, how much does this race cost to run?!?

Mike Wardian
Imagine running a 2:38 in that outfit!

I also lay the responsibility at his feet for getting Ryan Hall to run an ultra this year. Ryan will be on the 7/7/7 trip, and it’s up to Iron Mike to get him signed up for a race!  

And how in the heck do you simultaneously train for marathons, Barkley, and Hardrock?  The epic-painful-mega slam is just getting started!

Mike Wardian

Mike Wardian Episode Notes

Here’s Mike’s website and calendar.  He’s also partnering with World Vision 6k for Water Program to raise money for kids.

Here’s the URP Patreon page. Thanks for supporting my work and allowing me to create more content!  I very much appreciate all the help and am looking forward to special podcasts and on-site interviews!

Here’s the 6 hour race Mike is doing en route to the 7/7/7.

Mike’s paying for the race with generous support from MedStar Health, sweet green,  Damascus Bakery, Athlete Underneath, T-Mobile, Squirrels Nut Butter and Walt (just a cool dude that helped him out)…. and his longtime sponsors Hoka One One, Nathan, Race Roster, Bearded Brothers, Injinji, Compressport, Julbo, Big Spoon Roasters, RaceDots, Buff, Inside Tracker, and Michelle’s Granola. 


Outro music by The 88. Here’s their site.

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