Mikkeller 20 American IPA

Denmark’s Mikkeller takes a swing a crafting an IPA? Sign me up!! My wallet is a little gun shy on laying down $6 for 11.5 oz bottle of beer, but seeing how I’ve spent $10 on a 10 oz beer at the ballpark, I can justify it. Plus, you want to know if it’s worth buying.

Let’s start with the beer label. WOW! How cool is that??!! I wasn’t successful in peeling off the label fully in tact. Can I get a poster sized for my garage?

20 Now you can’t always judge a beer by it’s label, just ask the folks over at Zima. This is one beer that lives up to it’s wrapper.

Why is it named 20? Mikkeller uses 20 different kinds of hops!! Dang, Mikkeller, you don’t mess around. On the pour, a robust honey orange liquid fills the glass giving light very few places to go, my favorite.

20The taste has citrus/grapefruit, pine and deep floral notes, perhaps the most floral I’ve ever had, which I really enjoyed. Has a bitter after taste that goes the distance. Had no one told be who brewed this beer I would have swore it was a California beer.

Great job, Mikkeller, mission accomplished. Can you put this in a six pack?



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