Mogli (American Porter?)

Mogli (named after a dog) from Ashland, Oregon based Caldera Brewery seems like a beer I’d hate.  I’m not a fan of artificially flavored beers, and I generally turn away from sweet chocolate, but this stuff is interesting.  It’s stupid expensive at $16 for a 22oz, but if you want to have some fun, grab a bottle.

The beer pours a very clear dark, almost black, and chocolate is immediately apparent.  There’s very little burned oak that I often detect in porters, instead replaced with vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. And more chocolate. And more chocolate. Other warm flavors I’d identify are warm leather and roasted malts. This would be fantastic made into a milk shake or hell, even poured into coffee.

I think the ABV is 8.5%, and as mentioned, it’s a pricey bottle. As we did last night, we split it between 4 people and had a nice time.  A full bottle of this might be a bit overwhelming, but I’d certainly take it if someone offered.

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