Mon, Aug 27

Every gym has these people. It’d be funny see a similar story about ultras. The”elites”, the “old school guy”, the guy with $500 gear on, the guy who gets lost, the people who constantly take self portraits and update Facebook every minute, the guy who knows everyone–but you have no idea who he is, the inevitable guy who shows up at the last minute…

Some more breathtaking pictures from Joe Grant.

Great report from the 10k Trail National Champion David Roche.

There’s a movie coming out about the John Muir Trail and here’s the trailer.

Another good video: Listener Eric Strand (who’s name sounds an awful lot like mine!) captured some great moments from Leadville.

I love a woman with a strong opinion who’s not afraid to share it. Here’s Lize’s Beef with Vegans.

Speaking of strong opinions, here’s one I share…about Lance.

NRR: Why does Gretchen have to do this?!? Now I’ll compiling my own list on todays run.

This guy knows his audience: (The event organizer) said cans of beer were handed to each competitor as they crossed the finish line and they probably “acted like a carrot on a stick” for most people.

Some other guy is going for the Badwater to Whitney self-supported record. Good luck.

Speaking of records, by the time you read this, Homie may have set a crazy new FKT, climbing all of Colorado’s 14ers in record time.

Interested in winning an entry into Inside Trail’s K2 Summit 35/50k in Auburn, California? Check out our Facebook page for the contest.

Hmmm, some hiker shoved a runner off the trail at the Steep Ravine 50k in Marin.

Now that Devon got her cafe funded on Kickstarter, she needs to figure out how to squeeze running into the mix.

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