Mon, Dec 10

This weekend was the “2 days of open entries”, huh? Check out the stacked fields at Lake Sonoma and Way Too Cool. Giddyup!


Another incredible set of photos from Leor Pantilat’s awesome runs.


We’re still working on the updates. We’ve heard what you like and what you don’t and are considering some changes. Thanks for bearing with us.


Better than late than never, right?


If you didn’t see this piece I posted Saturday, definitely have a read.  You can then stop feeling sorry for yourself and taking your running for granted.


Scotty hitting the nog!

URP hosted our 12 Ks of Christmas with local running group the Runagades. Suffice to say Scotty now hates eggnog and who let an ultrarunner measure the course?!?


Obstacle races: Forging a bond in mud and guts. That main pic looks like TNF50.


Speaking of TNF, here’s DBo’s report.


Again, a very salient post from the Angry Jogger on why he’s proud to be a runner.


Ian Sharman’s top 12 global ultra performances of the year.


Oh god, here we go again. This guy is the President of the TIASSIMBTDACS (There Is A Study So It Must Be True Despite All Common Sense) club.


The guy who was trying to run across the country twice this year got injured and is now on a bike.


How she survived for 8 weeks as a paleo-vegetarian (and lost 18 pounds.)


Can caffeine enhance your running performance? I’m a big believer in its benefits.


Lucho answers a question on altitude training/racing.  I live at 30ft and I’ll be racing Bryce Canyon 100 in May which is at 8k ft.  Better read up!


More on the Bryce Canyon 100.



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