Mon, Dec 10

Huge congrats to Mike Morton and Connie Gardner for breaking their respective American Records at the 24 Hour World Championships in Poland.  Nicely done!

This disabled guy looks like he’s not letting it bother him.

Bryon’s Run Rabbit Run race preview.  Looks like an interesting field, especially with two Tarahumara guys thrown in the mix.

Have you been paying attention to this whole Kip Litton debacle? What a crazy story!  Don’t start reading unless you’ve got time to finish the article…it’ll suck you in.

Whew! Ian Sharman and Rod Bien went running in a fire area and got some great pics.

Rethinking the cooldown.

…and Runner’s World thinks differently.

If you happen to run across a bottle or tap of Sanctifaction, BUY IT (then call me and I’ll be right over.)  A delicious and wild ale from the fine folks at Russian River Brewery (home of Pliney the Elder), it’s interesting, big, grassy, and sour tasting.

Lance is persona non grata at many marathons.  FWIW, I think the guy’s a guilty jerk, but this is getting a bit silly now.  Seems like telling Marion Jones she can’t compete in her company’s softball league.

Picking the right song for your running.

Inspired much?

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